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Fractional Executive | Growth, Scale & Product Coach | Innovation Humanizer|

Certified Design & Service Sprint Facilitator

"We have power of thinking and solving problems using deep curiosity, creativity and analytical mindset"

Bosky Mukherjee is the Founder & CEO of Spark To Substance. She works with growth stage companies to scale, accelerate and operationalize their businesses. Her life’s mission is to grow and develop the next generation of product managers and product leaders via mentoring, coaching and leading creative, highly interactive strategy and innovation workshops and training.


She is an entrepreneur, a builder, innovator, product strategist and a people coach with 18 years of experience growing SaaS organizations. Bosky’s passion lies at the intersection of complex and hard business problems that need an empathetic and creative way to solve them. Her expertise lies in scaling growth stage and turn around companies.


Bosky’s superpower is cutting through all the noise with empathetic storytelling. Book your free strategy session to evaluate if we are a right fit for your needs:

Bosky's work has been featured in a number of globally recognized brands such as:

Article on Corporate Burnout  and wellbeing

Panelist on Women, Leadership, and Software Development

Panelist on How to change careers mid stream

Article on Humanizing Workplace Culture To Solve the Burnout Crisis

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