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About Us

Fractional Product & Growth Executive | Certified Design & Service Sprint Facilitator | 

Business & People Coach | End Burnout Now Advocate

"We have power of thinking and solving problems using deep curiosity, creativity and analytical mindset"

Bosky Mukherjee is an entrepreneur and Product & Growth Executive with over 18 years of experience spanning several startups and high growth companies in Vancouver and Bay Area. With her unique empathetic coaching and leadership style, Bosky brings strategic and collaborative expertise for teams to innovate and excel. She is an executive level business and people coach who works with teams at startups and growth stage companies to solve complex business and product problems through strategic thinking, curiosity and creativity in a thoughtful and empathetic way. 

 As a Fractional Chief Product & Growth Officer, Bosky works with businesses to drive product led growth strategy, development and coach their teams towards the mastery of this craft.  She is passionate about helping grow the next generation of product leaders and is often found coaching individuals to excel in the field of empathetic product management. 


​Bosky's mission is to unlock the potential in every individual so that we can collectively solve complex problems of today and tomorrow. This further translates as her passion to solve the epidemic of corporate burnout and she is currently working on this.

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