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We have designed our services so that you receive maximum value quickly and begin achieving your business outcomes using a disciplinary approach. Book your free strategy session to evaluate if we are a right fit for your needs.

Strategic Consulting

We work with you on a project basis to provide you with strategic consulting and leadership services. 

  • Product Strategy

  • Launching a new product or service offering

  • Product Team Design

  • Customer Discovery

  • Market Research Insights

  • Strategic RoadMapping

  • Optimize Your Agile Workflow


Advisory & Coaching

We help individuals and companies with executive style Product Coaching.

  • Organizational Product Management Coaching

  • Executive Team Coaching

  • 1:1 Product Coaching

  • Product & Design Interview Prep

  • Burnout & Holistic Wellness Strategies

Fractional Product & Growth Executive

We enable you to add Product Management & growth expertise without the delay, cost, or commitment of hiring full-time Product & Growth Executive. We work fixed number of days/week to help you ramp up in a number of ways:

  • Define best practices in product management, growth  & design

  • Hire, recruit and build the right team 

  • Establish strategic roadmapping and prioritization

  • Focus on Problem Discovery and solving right problems

  • Lead innovation initiatives and process

  • Establish shared understanding of product vision

  • Measure progress and enable a culture of experimentation

Immersive Workshops

We lead and facilitate innovation and strategic planning workshops to help achieve overall alignment. 

  • Leadership & Team Strategy Planning + Offsites

  • Team & Executive Alignment

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Persona/Archetype

  • Usability Testing

  • Rapid validation & Prototyping

  • Design Thinking

  • Design Sprint for innovation, experimentation

  • Service Sprint for end to end reimagining

  • Storytelling

  • Creative decision making & problem solving

Our Distinct Advantages

Customers choose Spark To Substance over and over again - We love to simplify the innovation chaos, humanize the entire experience and most importantly make problem solving fun and extremely creative and collaborative journey. Our distinct advantages are:

Achieve Cross Functional Alignment


We work to help you achieve alignment and shared understanding of the problem using strategic tools, a lot of empathy and perspective mapping

Accelerate your path to achieving business outcomes

Our proprietary frameworks and approach to business, innovation and growth engines help you FAST TRACK your path to achieving outcomes. We help you do this through our relentless strategic thinking, creative problem skills and decision making frameworks while balancing the holistic essence of your people and culture

Completely eliminate painful meetings


We engage the right members of your team and facilitate thoughtfully, strategically and with empathy

Achieve your creative confidence

We help you challenge the status quo and see options that are often not visible at the first glance of a challenge. We use our proprietary tools, playbooks and over 18 years of experience working in silicon valley, Vancouver and other countries to elevate the creative genius in your teams

Reduce Innovation Risk

We use data and evidence to make the hard decisions and help you do the same. We help you make calculated decisions and continuously validate and test ideas, often 30-40 in a day

Sustain healthy workplace rituals

We work with you to reframe your business challenges and create fertile workplace culture sprinkled with thoughtful rituals to sustain your innovation journey even without us. We work with your teams to help set up just those right tweaks to enable you to DIY in the future