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Product, Leadership & Career Mastery Coaching Programs

We have hand picked out most requested coaching program requests from Leaders, Execs, Entrepreneurs and our community who would like to take their career to the next level. Select the right coaching program for you and start your journey with us to gaining your mastery in product and design.

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As a new product manager at a new, fast growing company, there are lots of unknowns. Bosky's guidance has been helpful in identifying blind spots and planning for rapid change and growth. I would highly recommend Bosky to anyone needing to rapidly scale a product organization

Kaegan Donnelly, Product Manager, Lumen5

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Own Your Career as a Product Coaching 

This exprogram is designed for you if you are want to level up in your career progression. Learn how to stand out, tell your story and own your career all whilst learning the tricks of negotiating salaries, navigating challenging people dynamics or defining a strategically thought of plan for owning and managing your career.  

Top Takeaways:​​

  • Skillset assessment 

  • Access to templates, tools and strategies

  • Redefine your digital footprint

  • Personal Branding

  • Practical personalized 1:1 coaching (8 session 50 mins each)

  • BONUS: Resume Feedback + 3 mock interviews + Salary Negotiation

Note: Student Pricing Available. Talk to us if you are a student and interested in this program


       Product Management

      Interview Bootcamp

This program is designed for you if you are tired of casual coffee chats and other events that is not proving to be enough for preparing and nailing your interviews for product management roles. Invest in structured coaching and feedback sessions to help you slay your upcoming product management interviews 

Top Takeaways :

  • Discover your "Inner Why & Skill Up on storytelling

  • Resume Polish

  • 3 mock interview simulations with white boarding exercises

  • BONUS: Salary Negotiation Coaching 

  • Practical 1:1 coaching (8 coaching sessions 60 mins each)

Note: Student Pricing Available. Talk to us if you are a student and interested in this program

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Bosky's approach to Product Management is refreshingly practical and applicable. As a young entrepreneur in this age, it is difficult to find reliable information to use in building products for a business. Bosky has helped me clarify misconceptions about Product Management and guided my company to make better decisions regarding our product. As a result, our vision is clearer than ever, and we're poised to execute our plans much more effectively.

Miguel Testa, Cofounder PigeonBox

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Do vs Pontificate Mastermind for  Product & Business Leaders

An Online Group Coaching to CONNECT, DO, INSPIRE & SOLVE your biggest hurdles and challenges in business in light of our changing world and market dynamics. We will bring our challenges in a safe environment and collectively using the wisdom of the group and group facilitation, leave the session working on it.

  • Regular Program Fees: $1800

  •  If you have a coupon, you can receive $600 off regular pricing

Top Takeaways:

  • 6 * 60min online sessions every 2 weeks

  • Deep dives and unpack your biggest challenges

  • Learn creative hacks and unveil the biggest Aha moments

  • Guest Speakers share their biggest learnings and answer your toughest questions

* First 2 participants get a 1 hour FREE working coaching session with Bosky

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On Demand Coaching

This program is designed for you if you are interested in single coaching session to work on 1 particular problem area or challenge. Walk away from your coaching session solving your challenge and learning tools to apply in future.

Areas We typically help our clients with:

  • Leadership Challenge

  • Resume Critique for your dream job

  • Roadmapping Challenge

  • Managing competing Stakeholder Expectations

  • Career Planning

  • Define & Build Your Personal Brand

  • Prioritization

  • Reframe Your Business Or Personal Dilemma aka challenge

  • Identify growth levers and strategics for a business problem

  • List goes on...

Note: Student Pricing Available. Talk to us if you are a student and interested in this program

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Bosky is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of product management. She has been a great mentor who guided me to become a well-rounded, mature product manager.

Felix Li, Product Manager, Function Point

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As someone venturing into tech and product management for the first time in my career, Bosky ensured that she was available to coach me as I learnt the ropes of software development and product management. Moreover, she placed faith in me when she hired me knowing this would be my first role in product. This is something that is core to who Bosky is, as a leader.

Nibeer Dewan, Associate Product Manager, Function Point

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