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Our Burnout Recovery Programs

We are passionate about humanizing Burnout in our society. We are looking forward to support anyone in the following scenarios:

  • Individuals who might still be traumatized by their last burnout

  • Individuals who are fearing that they are heading towards a burnout

  • Leaders who want to build wholesome and healthier teams

  • Individuals who might want to take stand and make a difference when they see someone in their family, friends or workplace with signs of burnout

We definitely look forward to collaborating with you to make these better and improve how we incorporate not just mental wellbeing; rather holistic wellbeing at workplaces.

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I’ve been doing product management for few years and was pleasantly surprised at how The Taboo of Burnout Free Masterclass made me rethink how I manage my career. The workshop allowed me to understand the concept of burnout and ways to approach the issue. It was only an hour workshop that was totally worth my time and the exercises were helpful and refreshing to do! Highly recommended!

Sint Moe, Product Manager, InnoSchool

Our most popular burnout recovery programs are available in a few different formats - from webinars to masterclass, workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions. Please take a look and select a program that meets your needs or simply contact us and we can discuss what might be a good fit for you:

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Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.06.18

The workshop was great in allowing me to reflect and understand my current situation and set goals to further my career and personal life

Lavinia Hui, UX Designer, Lululemon

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Recognize, Survive and Rebound From Burnout

This is an inclusive coaching for people from different walks of life wanting to manage and rebound from their burnout and/or prevent a burnout of themselves or someone they know.  (Participate from anywhere).


Top Takeaways:

  • 90 days coaching program available in multiple formats:

    • 1:1 highly highly individualized OR​

    • Mastermind style peer group (5 per cohort)

  • 6 staged roadmap ​with step by step strategies & tools to recover and build your burnout shield

  • 60 min in-person or online sessions facilitated by Bosky

  • Join either Individual or Leader Track


       Reboot + Reflect Workshop

We are bringing ambitious & passionate people to come together to achieve clarity. Together we use effective exercises to release stress, reconnect and recalibrate our careers & wellbeing for 2020. Join our waitlist to our SOLD out workshop from November, 2019

Top Takeaways:

  • Grounding exercise

  • Career Tools for managing your profession (corporate or side hustle)

  • Space for Inquiry & Reflection

  • Access to an exclusive & supportive community

This interactive in person workshop is co-facilitated by Spark To Substance and Avid Earthling

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.02.48

Burnout is the elephant in the room that so few are courageous to point out. To have someone like Bosky step up and address such a lingering problem is something that we need more of. In our modern world, with everything buzzing or trying to get our attention, examining and addressing burnout is more important than ever. Bosky takes this elephant of burnout and can help you tame it.

Paul Lopushinsky, Founder @ Playficient

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