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We are super stoked about launching our executive style coaching programs. These are not the usual coffee chats or formal courses or training. Our core expertise is in the areas of:

  • Inspiring & Humanizing Leadership

  • Career Coaching & Accountability

  • Burnout & Balance

  • Growth & Scale

  • Product Management

  • Product Design

Top reasons why our customers have come to us for coaching :

  • Burnt out, exhausted with a feeling of nothing else to give

  • Mismatch between real business world & courses

  • Stuck in your current role

  • Frustrated that coffee chats are not resulting in job offers

  • Not getting past the first few interview rounds

  • Tired selling the value of your role in your company

  • Feeling lost as a new manager

  • Tired of being passed on for promotions

  • Looking for strategies and tools to influence your stakeholders

Our Coaching Programs:

Our Coaching programs fall under the following umbrellas. Please select the focus area that best suits you. If you do not see something that is listed below, contact us. 

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