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Peace Geeks Product Strategy & Innovation Workshops

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The Business Challenge

Peace Geeks, a non-profit that build digital tools to support communities was facing an exciting time in its history. With the influx of immigrants coming to Canada, Peace Geeks was looking at diversifying its monetization strategies via its Arrival Advisor product. Although Peace Geeks's Arrival Advisor is partly funded through the grant received through the  aimed at reducing Google Impact Challenge 2017; the team was looking to reduce their dependence on grant funding alone.  Therefore Peace Geeks needed rethink its product strategy as a whole with a special emphasis on end to end experience and commercialization strategy so that they could build a sustainable and engaging product experiences for its immigrant target user.

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Bosky’s workshops helped us identify our assumptions and come up with very practical tests to validate them systematically, Each session left me feeling like I had learned something valuable.

Arti Bhakta, Product Manager, Peace Geeks

Our Approach

Spark To Substance presented our approach and a targeted plan of action to enable Peace Geeks define an actionable yet financially sustainable product strategy. The critical areas that were considered for evaluation were:​

  • Features & functionalities that can be built in the app and other relevant channels

  • Revenue streams from the product offering

  • Competencies and resources needed to meet financial objectives of the product strategy

  • Identify gaps in current research, positioning and analytics

  • Clear actionable roadmap for above

Using a cross disciplinary approach to testing and validating product ideas, service design, design sprints and rapid prototyping, Spark To Substance humanized creative problem solving at its core. We achieved this with highly thoughtful, engaging uniquely crafted strategic workshops and coaching with the team at Peace Geeks.

Services We Provided

  • Strategic & Innovation Workshop Design & Facilitation

  • Product Viability-Desirability-Feasibility Model

  • Assumption & Hypothesis Maps

  • Rapid Experimentation and Validation

  • End to End Service Journey Map

  • Value Proposition

  • Go To Market Strategy, Tactics & Plan

  • Strategic Roadmapping & Detailed Release Plan

  • Coaching & Training for the team to do this by themselves in the future

About Peace Geeks

PeaceGeeks is a nonprofit organization that builds digital tools to empower communities in the pursuit of peace. In 2017, PeaceGeeks entered the Impact Challenge Canada, and became one of five nonprofits to be awarded substantial funding to bring our idea to life. The team pitched an app (Arrival Advisor) that would make it easier for newcomers to Canada to access their most relevant settlement services and information.

We can help your business jumpstart strategic innovation too

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