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Recognize, Survive and Rebound From Burnout

Burnout Is Real & Universal

It does not see age, gender, race, work or lifestyle and has become an epidemic in our society today. If we do not learn self-care and empathy for ourselves, burnout becomes an all consuming toxic that jeopardizes our overall wellbeing.

Healthcare costs from burnout estimate roughly $125-$190B (Gallup Study, 2019). I had encountered my own burnout and the shame and loneliness that comes with it this year i.e. 2019. If you are interested, you can read more about this here.  It is my personal mission to start unpacking and solving this wicked epidemic.

90  days of support, coaching and accountability for   high performing and passionate individuals who are facing a burnout or leaders who would like to build healthier teams and organizations


Starting January 14th 2020

Individual 1:1 OR Small Group Size (5/cohort) Formats |  Register Now | Save Your Seat | 

Who Is This Program For?​​

​We have built this program as a SAFE & INCLUSIVE platform to support those who have experienced, or are experiencing burnout. Additionally this platform has been specially designed for leaders or organizations to learn how they can support their team members who might be specially vulnerable and at risk or heading towards a burnout.

 Program Has Been Specially Designed For:

  • Anyone who is suspecting they might be heading to a BURNOUT

  • People Managers interested to build and grow healthy teams, not just productive teams

  • CEOs and Leaders looking to build a culture of wellbeing and success

Available Formats:

  • Individualized 1:1 session to respect privacy

  • Mastermind style in a small cohort size (5 per cohort)

Available Tracks to Join:

  • Individuals who either faced a burnout or might be heading there

  • Leaders who want to build healthier teams and organizations

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 9.41.36 AM.png

Are you feeling chronic anxiety from being burnt out?

You might be feeling lonely, stuck, negative and like a hamster in a wheel. You are beginning to feel like you have nothing to give. You are not alone.

Do not try to learn how to navigate these conversations at work or how to set boundaries that your company respects ALONE. We have been there and know that BURNOUT is not a disease that needs to be in quarantine.


Are you ready to thrive and rebound from burnout?

Do you want to feel alive and the confident once person you used to be? When you are bombarded with requests, favors and asks from your family, work are you left with nothing to give back to yourself? Now is the time to change that - We will support you to find your balance and passion back. We will help you get your life back.​​

If you are unsure and would like to learn more if this program is right for you, sign up for the upcoming masterclass where we unpack "Taboo of Burnout"

What Will You Get From This Program?

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 6.40.11 PM.png

Lean In and Accountability


  • 6 coaching sessions for 60 mins every 2 weeks

  • Lean In and a safe place to unpack BURNOUT and your triggers

  • Bi-Weekly facilitator feedback on your actions

  • Acknowledge wins and successes



  • Navigate burnout discussions with your manager and/or employees

  • Self Diagnostic Tool to recognize imminent burnout

  • Tools to build your own BURNOUT SHIELD

  • Tools to reframe BURNOUT and goals

  • Strategies, Tools & Resources to recover from BURNOUT at work or personal life

  • Your own personalized playbook with self sustaining rituals to keep BURNOUT at bay

What Does our 90 Day Coaching Program Look Like?

We have specifically designed our 90 day program with critical 6 milestones as below to support you and help you recover and build your shield against future burnouts.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 9.39.20 AM.png


  • Individual 1:1 Format: $1,199 (or $480/month)

  • Group Format (5 per cohort: $699 (or $354/month)

Note: If you sign up by Jan 12th, you will receive 50% off your membership fees. HURRY IN...

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