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Startup Coaching in Your Pocket

Our coaching sessions are designed to help you master the craft of strategic product management. While these are highly individualized and outcome based, these coaching engagements also vary in content from customer to customer. They simulate an executive style 1:1 coaching that focus on accountability, mastery and growth. 

Just as the best athletes have coach, being deliberate about investing in your career and business in the form of a Product Coach can reap great benefits. We work with you to heal you achieve your desired outcomes - be it starting out your career in Product Management, or thinking about climbing your next mountain or improving your understanding of Product Management or looking to hire or build your own Product Team, let us show you what the possibilities are!

Single Session

This is great for single coaching session on a very specific problem at hand or if you would like advice to help you figure out your next steps.

  • In person or have a virtual coaching session

  • Contact for pricing

Monthly Retainer

This is a retainer model where work with you for:

  • 5 hours/month (You can decide to use them all on 1 day or spread between days)

  • Access to my top requested frameworks an templates

  • Slack Workspace to communicate with me

  • Contact for Pricing

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