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Accelerate solving the right problems 

Why Spark To Substance?

Our expertise is in solving complex product and growth challenges to help businesses achieve their outcomes. We can be found working on strategic projects, leading innovation workshops and often adding immediate impact by offering Fractional Product Executive Services. We work with startups, growth stage companies, individuals and teams to help them:

  • Achieve product-market fit rapidly

  • Identify and focus on the the right problems in the market to solve

  • Use creativity and thoughtful workplace rituals to accelerate innovation and empathy

  • Design and maximize how cross-functional teams achieve alignment with hands-on coaching

  • Declutter noise from countless discussions and endless meetings to get laser focus

  • Remove  guesswork from decision making

  • Coach individuals aspiring to up their mastery in product management and product led growth

How We Work?

Our engagement model has been designed to offer our clients the opportunity to achieve incremental business outcomes. Select one or multiple ways to partner with us:

  • Discover: Unpack surface level business challenges into actionable recommendations

  • Design: Engage us for implementation of the plan or DIY

  • Drive: Hire us as a business executive to support your longer term strategy

What People Say

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in a product management workshop yesterday. My biggest takeaways were: replacing the term ‘product’ with ‘prototype’ ... your frameworks were more product specific, so very useful; and the 2x2 decision matrix at the end. Choosing work environment, where there is a strong strategic fit for product function is important, because that would allow me to focus on what matters to me: building meaningful products that address real customer needs.


Joining an employer that is both ready and committed to product management is going to make it a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. Please keep doing what you are doing - educating companies and individuals on dos and don'ts in product management and beyond.” 


—  Ana Yun, Product Manager,Microbiome Insights

Our Customers & Partners