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Why Spark To Substance?

Our expertise is in solving complex product and growth challenges to help businesses achieve their outcomes. We partner with you to accelerate your innovation strategy in a number of ways:

Fractional Executive | Growth, Scale & Product Coach | Innovation & Strategy Planning |

 Design Thinking | Design & Service Sprints | Empathy & Burnout Coach


We work with you by getting hands on involved on specific projects or initiatives and/or act as your Fractional Product/Growth Executive (CXO) so that you can gain:

  • Immediate Impact by augmenting your leadership team with seasoned product leader

  • Best Practices to get your Growth, Product Management and Design best in class (frameworks, tools, people)

  • Fresh perspective to unpack hidden opportunities and outside in view

  • Coaching and Mentoring for your team in order to achieve cross functional alignment at speed

  • Economical than hiring a full time Seasoned Executive

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We work with startups, growth stage companies, individuals and teams to help them:

  • Achieve product-market fit rapidly

  • Prioritize on right market and business problems

  • Accelerate Innovation by rolling out thoughtful and strategic workplace rituals

  • Design and Maximize how cross-functional teams achieve alignment

  • Declutter Noise from countless discussions and endless meetings to get laser focus

  • Remove  Guesswork from decision making

  • Optimize Tooling, Collaboration and cultural rituals to enables your teams to innovate and achieve outcomes

  • Coach Individuals and leadership teams aspiring to up their mastery in product management and product led growth

How We Work?

Our engagement model has been designed to offer our clients the opportunity to achieve incremental business outcomes. Select one or multiple ways to partner with us:

  • Discover: Unpack surface level business challenges into actionable recommendations

  • Design: Hire us as a Fractional Executive (CXO) to strategize and implement the optimizations or DYI

  • Drive: Hire us as a Business Advisor to support your longer term strategy

Book your free strategy session to evaluate if we are a right fit for your needs:

We are loved by

“Bosky's approach to Product Management is refreshingly practical and applicable. As a young entrepreneur in this age, it is difficult to find reliable information to use in building products for a business. Bosky has helped me clarify misconceptions about Product Management and guided my company to make better decisions regarding our product. As a result, our vision is clearer than ever, and we're poised to execute our plans much more effectively."


—  Miguel Testa, Cofounder PigeonBox

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